500 Post Celebration (Part 2): CINEOLOGY CONCEPTUAL EPISODE (Feat. Mildred Halprin)

Hey everyone, Jack Drees here! Welcome to part 2 of Scene Before’s 500 Post Celebration! Yes, this is the 501st post technically speaking, but I don’t care! I decided to make this a two night event! The first night, I premiered and shared a YouTube video of me going over my Blu-ray collection. That is after all, tradition here on Scene Before. It has been since the 200th post, where I painstakingly wrote down each Blu-ray I have (hopefully not missing any), but I switched to the current video format since the 300th post. So for the hundredth-something specials, I have done a written post and I have also done one that specifically relies on video. Now, it is time for me to focus on audio.

Over the spring I was interning at Melrose Massachusetts Television and one of my duties was to come up with my own podcast. I spent the second half of my internship doing so, and I decided to focus on… Surprise, surprise, film and entertainment. And I appropriately decided to name the podcast Cineology, where cinema gets explained. I did one episode at the studio in a hybrid format with my friend, Mildred Halprin, who showed up through a phone call as my cohost.

I have posted the first episode here for you all to enjoy. I want to know what you think of it. Just a reminder that this is a CONCEPTUAL EPISODE, and I am calling it that because it was recorded in April 2021, two months ago from this date, and given the type of show it is, the topics are slightly outdated. I would have distributed this earlier if it were not for life, school, and trying to figure out the distribution model. I am admittedly still tinkering with that a little bit. I should point out, I intend to make this an ongoing series, so I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions. Until then, enjoy the podcast, which I have decided to post as a YouTube link and a separate MP3 depending on your preference, and Scene Before is your click to the flicks!



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