500 Post Celebration (Part 1): BLU-RAY MOVIE COLLECTION UPDATE!

Hey everyone, Jack Drees here! We have reached a crazy milestone that part of me is absolutely surprised to see! That’s right, this is, as of writing this, the 500th currently existing post I will make for the Scene Before blog! I want to thank everyone who tuned in along the way for supporting the Scene Before and Flicknerd name and to celebrate, I will be dropping TWO special posts this week! The first one is going to be my latest Blu-ray collection update and the second will be a CONCEPTUAL EPISODE of a brand new podcast I am dropping by the name of CINEOLOGY. I made an episode for this concept back in April, but due to time, scheduling, and other commitments, I have been unable to share it, so I’d figure I’d share the episode tomorrow night as a way to advertise what could become a brand new series. But tonight, we are going to focus on the Blu-ray collection specifically.

Physical media collecting has been a passion of mine for years. If you have known me at some point, you might know that as a certainty. My collection has changed quite a bit over the years. I’ve bought new movies. I’ve gotten rid of a few movies. And speaking of that, I should point out that this post is on official “movie” Blu-rays only. I do have one television movie in the pile, but I decided to count it as it was close enough to a movie.

I want to note to everyone who tunes into this Blu-ray collection video, this is 90 minutes long, so this is your warning if you do not like commitment or staring at the same screen for a long time. If you decide to tune in, enjoy the ride! If not, it’s okay. We’re still friends. I also want to know, what are some exciting Blu-rays you own? I want to see your list in the comments section! Enjoy the video and once again, I’ll remind everyone that I will be dropping a CONCEPTUAL episode of CINEOLOGY tomorrow night at 8:30 p.m.! Stay tuned! Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel, you’ll find that button by clicking the video and going to the YouTube website, and Scene Before is your click to the flicks!



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