BIG NEWS! Top Movies of the 2010s Returns May 15th, 2020

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Hey everyone, Jack Drees here! It’s a strange time in a strange world! For those of you who don’t know, I live in Massachusetts, and while I will say that keeping it shut down is a necessity at this point, my brain is currently in a frenzy. Especially after hearing that all gatherings until Labor Day in Boston are basically a no-go. But you know what guys? We’re not going to talk about that! In fact, all my recent posts if you’ve been keeping track have been a documentation of the COVID-19 apocalypse and its relation to the film industry. It is more simply known as Movies and COVID-19: Behind the Scenes.

As for that series, first off, check it out if you have free time! Secondly, I am not sure how many posts I’ll have to do, but I’m THINKING of toning down on the series to give a greater variety of content. Although, given how I am now finishing my current university semester, I will have more time to give you all a vast assortment of content.

With that being said, I’ve got some big news. This month, you will be seeing the return of my special countdown series TOP MOVIES OF THE 2010s. For those of you who don’t know about this series, I originally intended it to be a two part countdown event where I would share my favorite and least favorite movies of the decade. But here’s the thing. If I want to give this series the “event” treatment it deserves, I will be making more countdowns under this name. This is why on FRIDAY, MAY 15th, you will be seeing the newest member of the Top Movies of the 2010s family, THE DISAPPOINTING 25! These are movies that I either looked forward to, anticipated, had interest towards, only to be let down in some way. I picked 25 films that I’m proud of, but who knows how long they’ll stay in their position? To find out what these movies are, be sure to check out the all new post coming to Scene Before on May 15th!

One question that still has to be answered is… Where do I go from here? Because if you ask me, I do have an interest in keeping this going, maybe even for the rest of the year, perhaps further. So, I am considering other categories to tackle *specifically in relation to the 2010s in film* so if I come out with this and I continue to feel satisfied with how I do this sort of work, I’ll consider doing more of it! I’m gonna need more blog work at this point that doesn’t involve going to the movie theater after all! This countdown “event” could phase into a countdown “saga.”

Thanks for reading this post! Be sure to stay tuned for the all new countdown, THE DISAPPOINTING 25, coming your way on May 15th! Follow Scene Before and like the blog’s Facebook page! Thanks a lot for checking out your click to the flicks! I want to know, what categories would you be interested in seeing in a “Top Movies of the 2010s” countdown? Let me know down below! Speaking of things down below, check out the REVIVAL TRAILER for “Top Movies of the 2010s.” Note that this is not meant to provide any obvious hints as to what the countdown will exactly consist of, it is simply a piece of marketing. Enjoy the trailer!





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