Top Movies of the 2010s TRAILER: Halfway (AKA Project 2020)

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, gather around for a sneak peek of an event that will blow all your socks off! If you have seen one of my posts from April, chances are you have seen the original trailer to this event, but now I have a new one that will hopefully get greater attention, especially considering we are at the halfway point of 2019. This means in about six months, we’ll be in a new decade! With that in mind, this trailer will show a bunch of movies that could potentially become a part of my countdown, which is to be released as soon as 2020 begins. Just because there is a movie shown in the trailer, does not make it guaranteed to be on the list at the end of the decade, after all, we still have time to get some new additions.

Without further ado, celebrating the halfway mark of 2019, here is my second trailer for the countdown event, TOP MOVIES OF THE 2010s! Or as I once called it, “Project 2020!”

*All copyrights belong to their respective owners*


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