The Marvel Cinematic Universe vs. TV Shows

Hey everyone, Jack Drees here! Before we dive into my post which actually may be my most TV-oriented post thus far here on Scene Before, we’re gonna talk about something to me, that’s a bit closer to home. Nope, not movies, but the Internet! That’s because this is yet another week going by, and another time to promote an episode of an all new web series. Meet Paul and Genevieve. They live in California and have a cat named Cordelia. Their lives were once happy, and full of recently accomplished goals, and they had some goals down the road they wanted to conquer. One goal in particular, is having a child. Unfortunately, that reality, to them, is extremely difficult to meet. This is all explained in “What the IVF?!”

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“Avengers: Infinity War” has released in all of its markets, a lot of people have seen it, and it is, for overwhelmingly the most part, getting positive reviews. Now that this movie is out, and it’s been a heavy topic of conversation lately, a thought has been spinning around my mind, like the rotors of a helicopter, desperate for attention. I’m willing to bet that overtime, more people will begin to argue that all of the movies that we’re getting in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, are not in fact movies. They’re all part of a TV show. Now I don’t say that literally, but if you take the Marvel Cinematic Universe and divide each movie in the series. Each one is a very long TV episode, and the universe so far is in its third season (phase). We’re soon getting to this season’s finale with “Avengers 4,” and maybe we’ll be getting, depending on what happens and what people say, a “spin-off” with two movies after it. I figured today I’d compare the Marvel Cinematic Universe to a bunch of TV shows. I’m not saying whether or not the MCU is better than each show, but I thought just for fun, I’d go ahead and point out the fact that the MCU is actually longer than individual series.

Before we begin, let me just state that the current combined approximate runtimes of all the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies comes out to 2,445 minutes, which if you translate that, is 40.75 hours, and if you aren’t a fan of decimal points, THAT IS FORTY HOURS AND FORTY-FIVE MINUTES! That is longer than a day! No! THAT IS LONGER THAN A DAY AND A HALF! In fact, if you take out the runtimes of the two latest MCU films, “Black Panther” and “Avengers: Infinity War,” that BARELY goes over the day and a half mark! So you know what? Without much more time to waste, I’m going to list a bunch of TV shows, and there will be no key to tell how long they are, because they are already all shorter than “Avengers: Infinity War.” If any of these TV shows listed here do not belong here, please let me know, my results come from online research. I will state that these all have a certain number of episodes and seasons listed next to the title. Once again, I said seasons, I live in America, it’s how I roll. So, let’s begin!


  1. Kevin Can Wait (48 episodes, 2 seasons)
  2. King of the Nerds (24 episodes, 3 seasons)
  3. The Orville (12 episodes, 1 season)
  4. Stranger Things (17 episodes, 2 seasons)
  5. 500 Questions (12 episodes, 2 seasons)
  6. Fresh Off the Boat (79 episodes, 4 seasons)
  7. The Last Man on Earth (67 episodes, 4 seasons)
  8. This Is Us (36 episodes, 2 seasons)
  9. The Carbonaro Effect (72 episodes, 4 seasons)
  10. Son of Zorn (13 episodes, 1 season)
  11. Ash vs Evil Dead (30 episodes, 3 seasons)
  12. Veep (58 episodes, 6 seasons)
  13. Orphan Black (50 episodes, 5 seasons)
  14. Men at Work (30 episodes, 3 seasons)
  15. Falling Skies (52 episodes, 5 seasons)
  16. Freaks and Geeks (18 episodes, 1 season)
  17. Revolution (42 episodes, 2 seasons)
  18. Firefly (14 episodes, 1 season)
  19. Wayward Pines (20 episodes, 2 seasons)
  20. Adam Ruins Everything (49 episodes, 2 seasons)
  21. Under the Dome (39 episodes, 3 seasons)
  22. Cougar Town (102 episodes, 6 seasons)
  23. The Last Ship (46 episodes, 4 seasons)
  24. Life in Pieces (66 episodes, 3 seasons)
  25. The Event (22 episodes, 1 season)
  26. BoJack Horseman (49 episodes, 4 seasons)
  27. The Carmichael Show (32 episodes, 3 seasons)
  28. Black-ish (95 episodes, 4 seasons)
  29. Rick and Morty (31 episodes, 3 seasons)
  30. Gravity Falls (40 episodes, 2 seasons)
  31. Angie Tribeca (30 episodes, 3 seasons)
  32. Mysteries of Laura (38 episodes, 2 seasons)
  33. Skin Wars (28 episodes, 3 seasons)
  34. Speechless (41 episodes, 2 seasons)
  35. The Affair (32 episodes, 3 seasons)
  36. Dan Vs. (53 episodes, 3 seasons)
  37. Riverdale (35 episodes, 2 seasons)
  38. American Housewife (47 episodes, 2 seasons)
  39. Younger (48 episodes, 4 seasons)
  40. The Librarians (42 episodes, 4 seasons)
  41. Caroline in the City (97 episodes, 4 seasons)
  42. The Leftovers (28 episodes, 3 seasons)
  43. True Detective (16 episodes, 2 seasons)
  44. The Good Place (26 episodes, 2 seasons)
  45. Better Call Saul (30 episodes, 3 seasons)
  46. Raising Hope (88 episodes, 4 seasons)
  47. The Crown (20 episodes, 2 seasons)
  48. Wilfred (49 episodes, 4 seasons)
  49. Luke Cage (13 episodes, 1 season)
  50. Wrecked (20 episodes, 2 seasons)
  51. Sullivan & Son (33 episodes, 3 seasons)
  52. Ballers (30 episodes, 3 seasons)
  53. Hannibal (39 episodes, 3 seasons)
  54. 13 Reasons Why (26 episodes, 2 seasons)
  55. Master of None (20 episodes, 2 seasons)
  56. The Cleveland Show (88 episodes, 4 seasons)
  57. Atlanta (21 episodes, 2 seasons)
  58. Anger Management (100 episodes, 2 seasons)
  59. The Man in the High Castle (20 episodes, 2 seasons)
  60. V (23 episodes, 2 seasons)
  61. Scream Queens (23 episodes, 2 seasons)
  62. Black Mirror (19 episodes, 4 seasons)
  63. Narcos (30 episodes, 3 seasons)
  64. Superstore (55 episodes, 3 seasons)
  65. Sneaky Pete (20 episodes, 2 seasons)
  66. Transparent (40 episodes, 4 seasons)
  67. Silicon Valley (46 episodes, 5 seasons)
  68. The Royals (40 episodes, 4 seasons)
  69. Daredevil (26 episodes, 2 seasons)
  70. Mr. Robot (32 episodes, 3 seasons)
  71. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (60 episodes, 9 seasons)
  72. Lizzie McGuire (65 episodes, 2 seasons)
  73. Star Wars: Rebels (75 episodes, 4 seasons)
  74. The American Bible Challenge (27 episodes, 3 seasons)
  75. Blunt Talk (20 episodes, 2 seasons)
  76. Happily Divorced (34 episodes, 2 seasons)
  77. The Exes (64 episodes, 4 seasons)
  78. The Detour (32 episodes, 3 seasons)
  79. Beauty and the Geek (48 episodes, 5 seasons)
  80. Kim Possible (86 episodes, 4 seasons)
  81. Dog Eat Dog (26 episodes, 2 seasons)
  82. Billions (32 episodes, 3 seasons)
  83. Jessica Jones (27 episodes, 2 seasons)
  84. NewsRadio (98 episodes, 5 seasons)
  85. Mozart in the Jungle (40 episodes, 4 seasons)
  86. Alpha House (21 episodes, 2 seasons)
  87. The Grand Tour (24 episodes, 2 seasons)
  88. Batman: The Animated Series (85 episodes, 2 seasons)
  89. Teen Titans (65 episodes, 5 seasons)
  90. All Grown Up! (55 episodes, 5 seasons)
  91. The Expanse (29 episodes, 3 seasons)
  92. The Magicians (39 episodes, 3 seasons)
  93. Workaholics (86 episodes, 7 seasons)
  94. Travelers (24 episodes, 2 seasons)
  95. Continuum (42 episodes, 4 seasons)
  96. Power (39 episodes, 3 seasons)
  97. People of Earth (20 episodes, 2 seasons)
  98. Preacher (23 episodes, 2 seasons)
  99. Comedy Knockout (58 episodes, 2 seasons)
  100. Witchblade (23 episodes, 2 seasons)
  101. Monty Python’s Flying Circus (45 episodes, 4 seasons)
  102. Full Frontal with Samantha Bee (81 episodes, 3 seasons)
  103. The Mick (37 episodes, 2 seasons)
  104. Avatar: The Last Airbender (61 episodes, 3 seasons)
  105. The Legend of Korra (52 episodes, 4 seasons)
  106. Batman: The Brave and the Bold (65 episodes, 3 seasons)
  107. Bachelor Pad (20 episodes, 3 seasons)
  108. Better Things (20 episodes, 2 seasons)
  109. Inside Amy Schumer (39 episodes, 4 seasons)
  110. Broad City (40 episodes, 4 seasons)
  111. Teachers (30 episodes, 2 seasons)
  112. The Pete Holmes Show (80 episodes, 2 seasons)
  113. Bill Nye Saves the World (25 episodes, 3 seasons)
  114. Living with Fran (26 episodes, 2 seasons)
  115. The Wall (30 episodes, 2 seasons)
  116. Deal With It (28 episodes, 3 seasons)
  117. Dark Angel (43 episodes, 2 seasons)
  118. The Lying Game (30 episodes, 2 seasons)
  119. Killjoys (30 episodes, 3 seasons)
  120. Bosch (40 episodes, 4 seasons)
  121. Fuller House (44 episodes, 3 seasons)
  122. The New Adventures of Old Christine (88 episodes, 5 seasons)
  123. Killer Karaoke (16 episodes, 2 seasons)
  124. The Good Fight (21 episodes, 2 seasons)
  125. Designated Survivor (43 episodes, 2 seasons)
  126. American Grit (20 episodes, 2 seasons)
  127. Red Oaks (26 episodes, 3 seasons)
  128. Difficult People (28 episodes, 3 seasons)
  129. Animaniacs (99 episodes, 5 seasons)
  130. Rules of Engagement (100 episodes, 7 seasons)
  131. Ed, Ed n Eddy (70 episodes, 6 seasons)
  132. 8 Simple Rules (76 episodes, 3 seasons)
  133. Hand of God (20 episodes, 2 seasons)
  134. Liv and Maddie (80 episodes, 4 seasons)
  135. Angie (36 episodes, 2 seasons)
  136. Divorce (18 episodes, 2 seasons)
  137. The Millers (34 episodes, 2 seasons)
  138. The Taste (23 episodes, 3 seasons)
  139. The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (61 episodes, 3 seasons)
  140. Are You Afraid of the Dark? (91 episodes, 7 seasons)
  141. Storage Hunters (73 episodes, 3 seasons)
  142. Man with a Plan (42 episodes, 2 seasons)

Up above is 142 recently stated TV shows, all of these (at least from speculations I’ve gotten due to online research) are shorter than the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. So next time you binge “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” or “The New Adventures of Old Christine,” or “Batman: The Animated Series,” you may think to yourself, “My gosh! I want to sit down and watch this show, but I need so much time to get through it all!”, try getting through 19 Marvel movies in one sitting! I dare you!

Thanks for reading this post! Pretty soon I’ll have my review up for “Mission: Impossible III,” be sure to stay tuned for that. This review will continue my series of Tom Cruise “Mission: Impossible” reviews leading up to a movie I’m honestly getting increasingly excited for, “Mission: Impossible: Fallout.”

Also, be sure to stay tuned for my review for “Deadpool 2,” which may just be one of the best, if not the best marketed movie I’ve ever seen. There’s a high chance I won’t be able to catch it this weekend, I really wanted to, but there’s just not enough time in the world for everyone.

Although one movie I will not only be catching, but will also be catching on its opening Thursday night, is “Solo: A Star Wars Story.” This is a movie I never asked for, never wanted, and was somewhat sold on recently. However, the more I hear about it as we get to the film’s theatrical release date, the more worried and skeptical I get about it. But hey, I’m seeing it anyway, on opening Thursday night, which is my new “Star Wars” tradition! Not only is it beneficial for me, so I can see the movie early, but I also consider it a benefit to you that way you can read my review in a short amount of time after the film’s release! Expect my review Friday, May 25th! Stay tuned for that along with other great content! I want to know, have you seen any of the 142 TV shows I mentioned above? If so, which ones are your favorites or your least favorites? Also, if you make a top 142 list of the above shows in the comment section I will like your comment, and reply to you saying “YOU’RE A WINNER!” Also, since it’s relevant, have you seen “Avengers: Infinity War?” If so, tell me what you thought about that. Let me know down below! Scene Before is your click to the flicks!


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