Spider-Man Homecoming Teaser Trailer: Wait a Minute? Is This Also an Iron Man Film?


Today I saw the new teaser trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming. What did I think about it? Well, I’ll tell you right now. If you have seen Captain America: Civil War this summer and another part of you happens to live under a rock, let me just remind you that this is taking place in the same universe as that movie so that means this movie takes place in the same universe as The Avengers.


What is my number one highlight from the trailer? Well to me it’s obvious, Tom Holland as Spider-Man. First off, this is the first on-screen Spider-Man played by an actual teenager, and not just some adult playing a teenager. Although don’t get me wrong, for adults playing teenagers, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield did a fine job. At the very beginning of the trailer there was this little joke that Spider-Man made because he was in front of these guys, supposedly thieves, that had masks on, and each of these masks was an Avenger. For example there was one guy that was Thor and I noticed one that was the Hulk. Spidey spun his web towards these guys engaging in a fight with them and at the end of the clip I hear him say “You guys aren’t the real Avengers, the Hulk gave it away.” Based on this quote, I was able to tell that the writers understood Spider-Man humor, so good job writers!


While I do think Tom Holland is great casting choice as Spider-Man I will say that there is one casting choice that I may declare as one of the worst casting choices in superhero movie history, and that is Zendaya as Mary Jane Watson. Over the previous summer, I made a post saying that this was not a good choice, and I said this in defense of what several fans would think. In case you don’t know already, Zendaya is black, and I have nothing against black people, but I don’t see how a black person would fit as Mary Jane. And you know what? That actually may be the LEAST of my problems right now with this character. You know how Mary Jane is a redhead? SHE DOESN’T EVEN HAVE RED HAIR! You can argue with me saying that Kirsten Dunst from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movies wasn’t a natural redhead but her hair was artificially red for the films! Like, I don’t even know what happened on set. Did the makeup department say no to hairspray or something? Like, what’s happening?! I don’t want to cause a big rant here, so let’s get my next positive, and that is Robert Downey Jr, AKA, Iron Man.


Yes, Iron Man will be in this movie and he seems to be Peter Parker’s mentor per se. Although I seriously wonder how this is going to work. In Captain America: Civil War, I don’t recall any sort of establishment that before that one scene where Tony Stark goes to Peter’s apartment in Queens that Tony and Peter even had a single interaction with each other. However, in Captain America: Civil War, it did show some videos of Peter flying around as Spidey in a rather poor looking suit (which I don’t have a problem with because I could tell Peter was just starting out as the web slinger) on a tablet. So from this, he more than likely just started out. But did he defeat anyone important along the way before he met Stark in Civil War? That’s a question I want an answer to. Maybe he saved lots of people before meeting Tony, and he didn’t defeat anyone prior to that, and that’s where Civil War comes in to fill the gap, maybe after he’s forced to go home, he meets his main antagonist of this movie, and that would make sense because then Tony can be Peter’s mentor and help him in taking down this bad guy. By the way, the main villain of the movie is Vulture if anyone is curious.

Do I have anything else to say? Well, if there is one thing, I think this would probably be a lot like Spider-Man 2 in terms of story. In Spider-Man 2 it made me think that Peter, a guy in college was struggling not only with his studies, but his personal life, along with his hero life. I can imagine the movie would have some elements with that, but the only difference is that Peter is in high school and Iron Man just so happens to possibly be his mentor.

That’s pretty much all I have to say about the “Spider-Man: Homecoming” teaser. I hope this movie’s good, I go into every movie wanting it to be good, but I seriously don’t think it’ll be GREAT. With MJ, I get it if you want to be progressive and change this white girl to a black girl, but the thing about that is while you are taking a progressive move, it is also unoriginal at the same time. It’s like when they changed the genders of the ghostbusters, I don’t hate them because they are women, I hate them because the idea of swapping something such as race or gender lacks originality. Also, on a more serious note, this is not a Marvel Studios movie. Sure, Marvel Studios has the right to use Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the Marvel Studios logo does show up in the trailer, but this is really from Sony, and I was not a mega fan of “The Amazing Spider-Man.” In reality, I’m just a thousand times more excited for the upcoming “Wonder Woman” film, Gal Gadot ACED it as Wonder Woman in “Batman v. Superman” and I will go as far to say that I think she is so much better as a character than Tom Holland as Spider-Man. Stay tuned for more reviews and just a reminder, ROGUE ONE IS OUT NEXT WEEK! Scene Before is your click to the flicks!


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