Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Tickets Now On Sale, GET THEM FAST!


Today is Novemeber 28th, 2016. And I have an announcement for you all, in case you cannot tell by the title of this post, tickets for the new Star Wars movie have now gone on sale, and oh boy, getting them is gonna be a hard ride for everyone, especially on premiere day. In case you wanted to know, I don’t have my tickets yet. I’M GETTING THERE THOUGH! I’m actually planning to see this movie on Thursday, December 15th, which is the night of the premiere. After a couple random checks on some movie theaters, I now realize what this is going to turn into. You think malls on Black Friday have crowds? You thought wrong! Today is actually Cyber Monday, the online version of Black Friday, and I’m willing to bet that getting these tickets is going to distract everyone from all the deals. The only thing that would get more people to buy more tickets at this point is if advertisements for sites like Fandango were placed in front of peoples’ heads all day, and if they actually put a discount on tickets you can buy online as a Cyber Monday deal.

Last time I checked, there are already three theaters near me that already sold out all of their tickets. I’m trying to see if a theater would have a showing around the 7:00 range, that way I can see the film instantly, and as one who lives in the town of Wakefield, Massachusetts, I checked these three theaters: Sunbrella IMAX Theater at Jordans Furniture (Reading, MA location), AMC Burlington 10, and Showcase Cinemas Woburn. I did check more but these are three specific theaters I want to talk about. What do I have to say about these? Well, they’re all sold out! The first theater has one theater which is an IMAX so that sold out pretty quickly, the second theater has all 7:00 showings which must have been pretty convenient, plus reserved seating so that must have been a factor that played into this, not to mention recliners, because that’s kind of trendy now. The last one one has reserved seating, alcohol, and recliners. Granted I will say, and I did talk about this on TripAdvisor along with another post on this blog, I don’t like the previously mentioned movie theater, but that has to do with how little the capacities are in each stadium. As of right now, my mind is set toward going to the AMC Loews Liberty Tree 20. Why? It has no recliners (I personally think they’re overrated in a movie theater setting), it is not in a busy or big city, it is simply in a shopping mall, and you get a lot auditoriums as well. I actually went to see the past two Captain America movies here on premiere night in IMAX 3D and it was easy to get a seat. Granted during The Winter Soldier the premiere slot was actually put in at the last minute, but still, I got to see the movies on premiere night and not have a problem, yeehaw! Like Captain America, I’m gonna go for the pricey side here and choose an IMAX showing at this theater, because personally I think this is what this movie deserves, but this leads me to my next statement, if you want to see Rogue One on premiere night, how can you get your tickets?

Well, there are quite a few ways to get your tickets, you can always check online for convenience purposes, if you live across from a movie theater you can walk over and get tickets physically that way you don’t have to worry about printing them out or saving them on a device, you can drive to the nearest theater, and maybe if that doesn’t work out you can keep going and once you find a theater that has your tickets you’re good to go. However, whatever way you choose to get them, do it quickly!

Also, if you have the guts and stamina to get a later showing throughout the evening, go for it, because chances are the earlier showings will all be sold out much quicker than those coming later. Personally, I wouldn’t mind waiting awhile and going to a later showing, but I’m a teenager, and I don’t have a license, so that puts a obstacle in front of me, which means I’m probably going to have to settle for the 7:00 time range. Maybe 9:00 at the latest, but we’ll see.

I bet some of you reading this right now have been to a movie before on premiere night, and maybe even The Force Awakens last year. Although I figured I should post this because Star Wars in general, is a phenomenon, and there probably isn’t a single person who hasn’t heard of it, so in all likelihood, this will make movie theaters more obnoxious and crowded on premiere night. So this is just a guide of what I’d recommend you’d do if you’re going to see this movie. Get the tickets as early as possible in whatever way you can, make sure the theater is adequate driving distance if you are buying tickets physically, don’t be afraid to shove out some extra bucks if you need to, don’t be afraid to go at a later time, just cover your ears if you don’t want spoilers from the people coming out (It’s a prequel so it’s not as much of an issue, but there could be some minor details you may not want in on), and lastly, think twice before getting reserved seating, it’s convenient, but if a friend wants to join you at the last minute, you may have to switch around. Luckily I avoided that sort of issue last year.

That’s all I have to say about the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story tickets going on sale, and if there’s one thing I want to say right now, it’s that you should get your tickets immediately, and maybe even skip out on the rest of this blog post. Yes, I’m not kidding, this is absolutely serious. This is a big opportunity, you don’t want to miss out! Go now! Now I say, now! NOW! PRONTO! Do it right now or I’m gonna keep exclaiming like a guy in a over the top paid programming commercial you’d see in the morning on Game Show Network! Just go!

You still here?



Anyway, if you are still here, seriously go off if you want to get premiere tickets, but if you want to wait a while, or if you simply don’t like Star Wars, I won’t judge you (Even though I think something’s wrong with you if you don’t like Star Wars). Stay tuned for my upcoming reviews, Scene Before is your click to the flicks!

“Save the rebellion! Save the dream!”


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