Sausage Party: Rated R for Rad

Sausage Party is an R rated animation starring Seth Rogen (Neighbors, The Interview) where supermarket products are alive and they live there in their separate aisles. These products believe that us humans are gods among them and when we put them in our carts, purchase them, and take them home with us, they believe it is their version of Heaven. Despite their thoughts, it is eventually revealed to the products we see in the movie that it is not what they thought at all and they are doomed to die.
The intro to this movie may be one of the best intros to a movie I’ve ever seen, it starts off with the grocery store in the movie opening and all of the food break out into song and watching all of it go down reminded me of other cartoons or animations when they do this sort of thing. The song itself just told me one thing: This was going to look like a kids movie, for adults. That was something I expected going into this movie and a song like that made me feel positive inside based on its tone.
The main character is a hot dog played by Seth Rogen named Frank (Makes sense, doesn’t it?) and he is sealed in his package with several other hot dogs, and Kristen Wiig (Bridesmaids, The Martian) as a hot dog bun, her name is Brenda and she is sealed in a package of her own and at the beginning of the movie it is established that the two have an attraction towards each other. At the point which this is revealed, there is this hilarious run-on sexual joke. I couldn’t stop laughing and it ends with one thing that really stuck with me throughout the movie’s runtime. If you remember that scene from the trailer where they “touch tips,” that displays importance within the movie and it worked because it played into the movie’s religious skepticism theme. Frank and Brenda’s romantic subplot brought some redeeming qualities to the movie such as one that took place in a supermarket product version of a nightclub, there were some clever jokes brought into the mix and when they got separated at one point it developed the plot and it was done so in a way that wasn’t boring at all. It also introduced some cool characters as well.
Sausage Party is represented as a comedy and I thought a lot of the jokes were funny, so the movie gets a ton of points there. However I will share with you all that these jokes are not for everyone. Many of the jokes were sexual, had lots of swearing, and offensive in some cases. If you are easily offended in real life, I would recommend that you probably should save your money and not waste it on this movie. This also reminds me, some of the content in the movie is not for everyone either. This movie is rated R for a reason and the movie’s content highly supports that. There’s lots of disturbing imagery that is shown for humor and I personally found it to be excellent in terms of comedy. Although I would imagine if I showed this movie to my grandma one day, I’m imagining she’d either never want to eat again (I’m exaggerating), she’d have lots of nightmares, and she’d probably be covering her eyes at what’s happening on the screen.
One thing I loved about the movie that I didn’t expect was all of the symbolism. Throughout the movie, whenever there was a scene which had food in it the picture was vivid and colorful, but when there was a human, it was grainy and black. It kind of reminded me of The Matrix because in that movie, when you’re watching a scene that actually takes place in the matrix, it has a green pallete added in, whereas in the real world it is blue. I went to see this movie with my dad and sister, we actually never discussed this because it was never on any of our minds after leaving the theater and it is probably something that I’d be more interested in talking about then them.
The end to this movie in all honesty, may just be one of the greatest movie endings I’ve ever seen. The first part is so raunchy and that is something that I would never usually see in an animated feature and it was overall a very entertaining sequence. The second part almost feels like the movie is setting up a sequel that we’ll never see but would be awesome if it did happen in my opinion. It also almost felt like the people behind the movie were breaking the fourth wall and it was gutbusting to say the least.
Sausage Party is an animated breakthrough. For what I know, this is not the first R rated animation out there, but it’s still awesome. This animation also supports my thoughts on 2016 being an utter goldmine when it comes to animated movies (except for The Secret Life of Pets). I’m going to give Sausage Party a 9/10. As I mentioned before in other reviews, I’m planning to see Equity, however based on how many times I say it, I’m trying to find a time to see it, but I can’t fit it into my schedule. We’ll just have to see what the future brings when it comes to that movie. Stay tuned for more reviews and Scene Before is your click to the flicks!

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