Ghostbusters (2016) Trailer 1 Review: Most Poorly Received Trailer Ever?

Just last week, the first trailer for the new Ghostbusters movie has released, and what did fans think about it? After seeing it a few times, checking back for curiousity reasons, scouring more than one video on YouTube of that trailer and watching a few reactions, I can just see that fans of this movie will bash all over it. I personally believe in reboots, I think they can be done right under certain circumstances. For example, I enjoyed Charlie and the Chocolate Factory released made in 2005 (I know, bad example, but it’s one of my favorite movies). Although with the case of the new Ghostbusters coming out this year, I have a feeling this movie is going to ruin the franchise. Just to clarify, I have not seen the original Ghostbusters nor did I see its sequels, I saw the beginning of the first one but I fell asleep. Although I know a few things about the movie to make me somewhat aware of what the movie is like. First thing I’m going to state is the new female characters, the actresses I know of the female leads are Kate McKinnon and Mellissa McCarthy, I somewhat appreciate McKinnon for how she was as Hillary Clinton on SNL, but for McCarthy, while I do recognize why people like her, she wouldn’t be my first choice as a humorous actress, and that is saying something, because in a way this is supposed to be a comedy. Sure, you can also say it is an action movie, but it is also a comedy. I don’t know the rating for this movie considering how it has yet to be announced. I’d guess it’s PG or PG-13 once the time comes for the MPAA to make a decision, but I kind of see this as an action movie, but it’s also one that you would take your family to see. I mean why not? It has elements of horror movies that look unbelievably cartoony. Now for other characters I will have to go off of that African American that says an Exorcist reference at the end (Leslie Jones), in the movie she plays a girl named Patty. She says she “knows New York” in the trailer, now here’s one thing I’m wondering based off of this. I have not seen the original movie, but this leads me to wonder what would happen if all of these ghosts spread out into another city, perhaps Boston or Las Vegas or even Paris. Will they have to find someone who knows the area in that region? To be honest, if I go see this movie this summer, out of all the movies I see this year, I think this will be my least favorite character of all the movies I’ve seen and will see this year. Now one thing that caught my eye in the trailer was the CGI. All of the ghosts in this movie have a cartoony vibe to them thanks to how they look in CGI. The effects, while they actually do look impressive, look like they are a bit overdone. It kind of reminds me a bit of the Star Wars prequels. Surprisingly I have not yet mentioned the very beginning of the trailer. I imagine fanboys everywhere thinking either thoughts of confusion, anger, or ignorance. It says in the beginning “Thirty years ago four scientists saved New York.” and not to mention “A new team will answer the call.” Then we get to see the female team we are going to have to care about in this movie, I imagined that was the first part of the trailer where fanboys lost their minds, and it wasn’t going to be the last. Let’s talk about the comedy in the trailer. I didn’t laugh once. There you go. What more can you ask for? Next up is something I noticed while watching a reaction video, there is product placement in the trailer. It is certainly noticable to have product placement in movies, especially those directed by Michael Bay. This is not a Michael Bay movie, and I’m beginning to wonder if stuff like this will become more noticable. Then again, the scene this happened in actually took place in Times Square so I guess it MAY be OK (Really shot in Massachusetts). I must say now that this trailer is starting to remind me of another summer blockbuster that I actually enjoyed, but others trashed, that blockbuster being “Pixels.” First off, Sony is involved with both those movies, the fonts in the trailers are similar, if not exactly the same, not to mention the style the movies convey themselves. I went into Pixels realizing that it was actually a comedy, when I was hoping it would also be an action movie. The movie succeeded in that manner. Also, the lead characters are also in similar “battle” outfits, just like the lead protagonists of Pixels. I don’t have much more to say about this trailer, but let’s go on towards the very end. We see the title about to appear, it shows the well known ghost behind a circle with a line, but guess what they didn’t show? THE ACTUAL TITLE. I don’t remember ANY trailer where that has happened. Perhaps those who worked on the movie, or at least the trailer thought everyone knew what that symbol meant so they may have thought, “Eh I don’t care, they’ll figure it out.” I did, but part of me feels this is inexcusable. On the bright side, we still don’t know if the title is not in the movie. We’ll just have to see in July or whenever I see this movie. I honestly don’t think I’ve seen such a poorly received trailer in my life, especially for something that is such a big blockbuster such as this. I haven’t seen this movie, but I will go as far to say that even the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot from 2014 might even look better than this judging from the trailers, and I heard that movie was awful (unless you were a kid). This new Ghostbusters trailer had very little to impress me with, some of the CGI looks pretty good. What about everything else? I just don’t believe this. I have a feeling that if this actually does become a box office success, it would only be because families went to see it, and fanboys wanted to roast it to death, although there is no talking in the theater so I’m not too sure about that. I have absolutely no hype for this movie, and if you’re planning to see this movie, let me remind you that if you see this movie and you hate it, you might think back to what you have read here today. What did you think of this trailer? Fanboys, admit you ripped it to shreads, I know nothing about these movies, but I’m here to talk (insert smiley face here).


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