600TH POST SPECIAL!: Blu-ray Movie Collection Update!

Hey everyone, Jack Drees here! It is that time yet again! If you know me in real life or online, chances are that I may have an obsession with physical media. If I am not watching a movie in the theater, there is a good chance that I am buying it on Blu-ray. Well, every hundred posts, I give an update on my collection, and this one is no exception! I made a video specifically for my YouTube channel, but I am also proud to share it here!

This video will go over every one of my Blu-ray movie copies ranging from Blu-rays to 4K Blu-rays to Steelbooks. Keep in mind, this is a movie collection, therefore there will be no reference specifically towards television programs.

If you have a favorite movie in the collection, let me know what it is! Let me know what you think I should pick up in the future! Thanks for continuing to check out Scene Before, AKA Flicknerd.com, 600 posts later! Scene Before is your click to the flicks!


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