Hey everyone, Jack Drees here! Guess what, guys?! a new “Star Wars” trailer is out! Let’s talk about it! Before we dive into that however, I got to be somewhat honest about the new “Star Wars” trilogy. It’s kind of a mixed bag. “The Force Awakens,” admittedly, is one of my favorite movies of 2015, if not my #1, but “The Last Jedi” is one of those movies that had elements that could have paid off but it nearly sullied the reputation of the franchise for me the more I thought about it. I didn’t care for the new characters, I was disappointed to say that Leia’s story in the movie was not her best, and while Mark Hamill’s performance as Luke was probably his finest, the way the writing was handled when it came to his character was a tad sloppy at times.

Y’know what? Forget it. I’m not talking about “Star Wars” today. Let’s talk about me.

Wait, why is everybody leaving?

Come back!

We’ve got things to talk about!

In fact, let’s not dive deep into the new “Star Wars” trailer all that much today, I want to talk about something that I made. I have recently put together one of the most epic trailers of all time, and it’s for something that is going to be put on this blog! What is it? I’m calling it… “Project 2020.” Yeah, that’s a good name for it. The final details are not yet set, partially because production has been taking years (literally), but in all likelihood, it is going to contain big explosions, solid directing, superb acting, and lightsabers. Yes, “Star Wars” fans, you heard that right! I now give you, the first, and most likely not last, trailer for “Project 2020.” Enjoy.



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