Wonder Woman (2017): The DCEU’s Saving Grace


“Wonder Woman” is directed by Patty Jenkins and it stars Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, David Thewlis, Robin Wright, and Connie Nielsen in a movie based on the comic book of the same name. This film goes through the origin story of Diana Prince, who will eventually become known as Wonder Woman, an Amazonian warrior who was once a princess and takes part in a war to end all wars, which you may be able to tell by what’s being mentioned, is World War I.

Now before we dive into depth about “Wonder Woman” I want to bring up a little something to you all, actually I take that back, a big something, if that even makes any logical sense. Last year’s movies, specifically the ones related to DC Comics, weren’t the most quality films when it comes to comic book movies. Admittedly, I could sit down and watch “Batman v. Superman” and enjoy it, although I can’t say the same for “Suicide Squad.” Yes, if you read my review for it, you may remember me giving it a 7/10, that has dipped A LOT since my second viewing. A lot of people didn’t like 2013’s “Man of Steel” either, although it does have its fans here and there. DC really needed something to redeem themselves, and no, “The LEGO Batman Movie” doesn’t count, I’m only referring to the Detective Comics Extended Universe. Before going into this movie, I felt that this movie, was going to surprise EVERYONE who went in. Some female-led comic book superhero films have come out before, such as “Supergirl,” “Catwoman,” and “Elektra,” but a lot of people didn’t like those films. And I’ll be honest, this was my most anticipated film of the year. Despite how DC was dilapidated in the past year, I saw a glimmer of hope coming to the theater. The trailers for this film all looked amazing to the least, this film didn’t seem to sexualize Gal Gadot in any way, the action looked cool, and if they put in the same Wonder Woman theme at various parts of the film like in “Batman v. Superman,” I would be extremely pleased.

Let me just go on by saying that part of my anticipation was due to how Gal Gadot portrayed Wonder Woman in “Batman v. Superman.” As Diana, she was somewhat sensual yet mysterious, and as Wonder Woman, she was probably the most badass hero I’ve seen in recent years. In fact personally, I liked Gal Gadot better as Wonder Woman in “Batman v. Superman” as opposed to Tom Holland as Spider-Man in “Captain America: Civil War,” and I talked quite a bit about how I loved his performance in that movie, I even put that film at my #1 movie of 2016. Plus when you add in the theme music I mentioned earlier, it just makes you want to joyfully scream for her. By the way, fun fact, I met Gal Gadot at Rhode Island Comic Con, I waited 5 hours in line just to see her, which caused me to miss a panel I wanted to attend with her in it, that’s how much I loved her. How is Gal Gadot in this movie? We’ll get to that. But first, let’s talk about the movie itself.

As I mentioned recently, I was probably one of those people in the vast minority that was really anticipating this film to be extremely well done. Before going into this film, I felt the same excitement beforehand that I had before seeing movies such as “Interstellar,” “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies,” 2014’s “Godzilla,” “The Walk,” and “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” Overall, I can sum this film up to be my most anticipated film of the year, and maybe my most anticipated comic book film of all time. Now that I’m doing the review, one big question that must be answered is this, how was the movie? It was amazing! This, my friends, is one of the single best comic book based origin stories I’ve ever seen! Guys, if you ever seen any film in the DCEU and thought any of those films suck, I’m mainly pointing towards films that aren’t “Man of Steel” but that movie can apply as well, allow this film to change your mind! With that being said, let’s dive a bit deeper into the movie.

Let’s just get right into a topic I’m dying to talk about, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman! I was really looking forward to how Gadot would handle this performance. How was it handled? It was handled BEAUTIFULLY! The performance itself is fluid and part of it is due to the intriguing script that would have me on the edge of my seat, but I wasn’t because I had a bucket of popcorn between my legs and I was in a recliner. If I was in a chair, I probably would have been on the edge of my seat at times, who knows? Also, ladies, if you are reading this, if you wanted an amazing female hero on screen, you’ve got one! The wonderful Diana was believable, charming, funny at times, and ESPECIALLY badass. Also, regardless of what you guys think of last year’s “Batman v. Superman” film, I think putting Wonder Woman in that film was a brilliant move, especially when it comes to execution. Because when I saw her in that film, I really wanted to see more of her, so when this movie came out, I really cared for whatever it was she was going to do.

Chris Pine is also in this film and he plays Steve Trevor. He’s actually fighting in the war back in “Man’s World” which is also known as our world. Pine’s performance was extremely likable and helped move the movie along very well. When he and Wonder Woman are in our world, he’s basically trying to help Wonder Woman out per se and make her appear as if she’s a civilized person. Throughout the process, it’s actually pretty funny and their chemistry was something that had me gluing my own eyes towards the screen. Speaking of humor, one of my favorite parts of the film is when Diana and Steve are on a boat and they are talking to each other. Diana’s talking about how she was born, she was created and brought to life by Zeus, and then they go into human reproduction. Yeah, if you watch that scene it’s pretty funny.

Another thing I want to talk about when it comes to this movie is the action. Say what you want about Marvel and DC, but if I have to pick which cinematic universe is better when it comes to action, I’d probably have to lean towards DC on that aspect. Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate Marvel for its action sequences too, and at times, it looked really cool. But I don’t remember one time where an action sequence in the DCEU has been underwhelming, even in the terrible “Suicide Squad.” How is the action in this movie? Cool as ever! There are so many sick parts throughout the movie that had me pleased as hell! A lot of these DC films from the way I see them, have been mainly style over substance. This however, treats style and substance as equals, which I highly appreciate. I felt invested in the action partially due to how I was invested in the film in general.

While this movie is entertaining, fun, and action-packed, I’d have to say that it is ultimately an origin story. I thought it was handled brilliantly. Seeing the transition of Diana in this film from kid, to teenager, to adult is kinda quick, but couldn’t have been paced better. There’s exposition throughout and it’s told in an excellent fashion and seeing Diana’s relationship with her mother and her trainer was compelling and made me want to see where the film was gonna go next.

I’m not gonna talk much about the villain of the film, which you can probably tell because no image of the villain displayed above, but let me just say this, if you are a Marvel fanboy, and follow the Marvel Cinematic Universe, even if you’re a mega fan, you may agree with me when I say the villains are forgettable. I mean, the DCEU hasn’t always had terrific villains either, I’m looking at you, Lex Luthor. The villain in this film, actually wasn’t half bad. I mean, it’s not like on the level of Loki or anything, but this villain represented in this DC universe is personally better than how some of the MCU’s villains were represented. This villain was better than Red Skull in “Captain America: The First Avenger.” This villain was better than Kaecilius in “Doctor Strange.” And this villain was CERTAINLY better than Ronan in “Guardians of the Galaxy.” Do you guys remember Ronan? No? Well, good for you, because I sure as hell don’t want to!

I mentioned earlier in this review that this movie was directed by Patty Jenkins, I don’t typically come across films directed by women, however there was one film I saw last year which was directed by a woman and I ended up loving it, that film was “The Edge of Seventeen.” Comic book films, in terms of direction, is usually a male dominated area. The same can also be said for the lead hero being represented. I can probably say that this is the first comic book movie I’ve seen directed by a woman and starring a woman. I heard “Punisher: War Zone” was directed by a woman, but I didn’t see that film and I heard it wasn’t all that great. I mean, it could have been worse from what I’ve gathered, but on IMDb, the ratings are mostly coming in at the 6 mark. This movie however, is extraordinary. Just to warn you all, Gal Gadot is one of my favorite actresses and my celebrity crush, and Patty Jenkins, in my book, aced this film. I personally can’t wait for whatever she does next and I’m willing to bet no matter what it is, it’s gonna be great.

In the end, I have to say that “Wonder Woman” is an utter miracle. If this movie sucked, then we’d probably have to kiss the DCEU goodbye or keep waiting for a solid film in the cinematic universe. Gal Gadot KILLS IT in this movie, I love the origin story, the action, the effects, and whenever Wonder Woman’s theme came up, I was having a nerdgasm. It’s kinda rare that I find a comic book film with a score that keeps you hooked, but this was one of those films. Some of you might be somewhat surprised to hear me say this, but I kinda want to go back and watch “Batman v. Superman” so I can see Wonder Woman in action in that film. And also, I haven’t seen every film based off a DC Comics character, but this film, might be my favorite in that category. With that being said, I’m gonna give “Wonder Woman” a 10/10! So many people, from what I could imagine, were not thinking this movie would be all that great, but I thought this movie would be exceptional. This movie was pretty much everything I wanted it to be, I imagine so many little girls will look up to Wonder Woman or Gal Gadot after watching this movie. I want to see this again very much and hope that can happen soon! Since this rating is a reality, I want to say that now more than ever, Gal Gadot’s autograph was so worth the $125 I paid for it, along with the five hours of waiting. Just, unbelievable, this movie is a gem, go see it, right now! Speaking of movies, I don’t know what I’m gonna see next, that will be determined in the meantime. Also, be sure to check out my review for Amy Schumer’s trainwreck of a comedy (PUN ABSOLUTELY INTENDED), “Snatched.” The link for it is down below, read it if you want to! Stay tuned for more reviews, and PLEASE, go see “Wonder Woman!” Scene Before is your click to the flicks!

“SNATCHED” REVIEW: https://scenebefore.wordpress.com/2017/05/30/snatched-2017-a-movie-that-snatches-everyones-hard-earned-money/



  1. Mrs. Ellis · June 2, 2017

    Jack I have never read a review that made me want to see a movie more! It was a very suspenseful review-good job!


    • SceneBefore · June 2, 2017

      Thanks! Glad you feel that way, this movie is worth your time and money. I’d even go for the IMAX 3D experience if possible. I know you’re not a fan of action movies, but a lot of people are liking this, so I’d say if you want to see it, go ahead!


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