King of the Nerds Season 4 Pick Up Petition, EVERY SIGNATURE COUNTS!


Hey everyone, Jack Drees here. One month ago, I did a post on “King of the Nerds,” my favorite show of all time. I also mentioned in this recent post that the show was canceled by TBS. I mentioned in that post that I have an idea to save the show, which is to go on social media and use #SaveKOTN. I didn’t check everywhere, but I did check on Twitter and I saw NOBODY post it. Well, guess what guys? I’m not done yet. I want you to still use it if you want to, but I also have another idea, which is a petition. By the way, if you want to read that post, the link for is down below.

These have been done in the past for the show, and they probably worked for season 3, but not for season 4. However, this is where I come in, there is a new petition to save this beloved show and I made it on Before we get anywhere else with that, I actually shared it with Curtis Armstrong. Based on the statistics, he didn’t sign the petition, which is fine, I wouldn’t force him to do it, after all, I wonder if there’s any rule against it considering he hosts the show, but that’s something to investigate later. Although, when I shared it with him, I asked if he approves of it, he said he does! From that alone, he likely wants this show back as much as I! If you want a link to the petition, it’s down below, please click on it and sign it if you want the show back.

In my petition, this is being directed to two channels, GSN (Game Show Network) and Syfy. I chose those two channels based on my knowledge of certain TV channels in general plus experiences of watching them. I chose GSN mainly because they have done reality shows in the past (Skin Wars), which has also had terrific ratings much like “King of the Nerds,” not to mention they have also revived shows in the past (Minute to Win it, 1 vs. 100, Pyramid, The Newlywed Game). I also picked Syfy as another possibility because the channel itself is nerdy. Part of the game itself has to do with the channel’s name. Nerds watch Syfy all the time! Heck, the first thing to air on the program was “Star Wars!” I’ll openly admit I don’t watch the channel that much, but I’m well aware many nerds do, and it is very popular to this day! If the channel takes the show, it’ll have me stuck to it like glue. I mean, if any other channel takes the show I’ll be that way but still, Syfy, you have a grand opportunity here.


So folks, if you want to sign this because you want the show back, or because you want to see what the hoopla is about, or if you like QUALITY reality shows (something TV lacks nowadays), or heck, even just to please me or even the show’s magnificent fanbase, go ahead, click the link to which was recently posted, check it out, and sign it. I have ATTEMPTED to get this show back as much and as hard as I can, not just because it is my favorite show, despite that being part of why I want it back in the first place, but because of the fond memories I had watching it, interacting with the nerds online, feeling inspired at the end, and if it’s ever possible, to achieve one of my dreams, to at least try out on the show, and if possible, be a contestant. I’m currently 17, so I’m still not old enough to try out, but when I hit the right age bracket, I’m a comin. Before I end this post I want to ask something, are there any other channels I should inform about “King of the Nerds?” Please leave a comment with the channel and I’ll take it into consideration of directing the petition towards them. As far as upcoming reviews go, I’m still hoping to see “John Wick 2” and hopefully I can make that a reality. Stay tuned for more posts and reviews. Scene Before is your click to the flicks!


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