The Emoji Movie: How is This a Thing?!


If you have not been living under a rock for the past few years, you probably already know what an emoji is. It’s those things on a smartphone that can show emotions on (mostly) yellow faces. There’s also food, signs, and random objects included with this as well. At some point, I heard they were making an Emoji movie. I saw some picture art for the movie and while I thought the idea was completely absurd, I was willing to give some props because what I saw in the picture did appear to look pleasing to my eyes. Then… I saw the trailer.

When I saw this abomination Sony Pictures Animation calls a trailer, my cringe levels raised to infinity. Do you remember that piece of crap “Ghostbusters” trailer that came out in March? This is probably just as bad, if not worse. The trailer at hand here is only a teaser so maybe I’m a little hard on it because I haven’t seen much, but if you watch this trailer, you may even agree with me when I say that even for a teaser, this looks deplorable.


This trailer starts off by showing a Meh Emoji standing in front of a white background. Half the trailer is spent with this fellow talking in a depressed tone saying things like “Hello, as you can see I’m an Emoji, a “Meh” to be exact.” What else does he do in front of this white background? Well, he stands there, basically promoting the movie just by saying “It’s my pleasure to announce our first movie. Yay. It’s almost too thrilling for words. So bring the family, doesn’t have to be your family.” And that’s literally it! Although if you watch the end, he is not in the trailer anymore and there is a cupcake saying that he cannot work in the conditions he’s in and if he does, he’ll melt, and he just goes on saying this: “This is a load of–” and suddenly the poop Emoji you may be familiar with comes in saying “Oh, no, go ahead, finish that sentence.” While I do admit, I did get a minor chuckle out of that, that really wasn’t enough to sell me after the other portion of the trailer which in my opinion, is one of the laziest teasers I’ve ever seen!


Earlier this year I’ve had an encounter with a teaser for the Warner Bros Animation Group film “Storks.” That teaser also had a character talking to the audience for a minute, but the difference between this and that, is that Storks was funny in its delivery as a teaser. This however was just lazy. Speaking of laziness, this brings a huge question, does the world need an Emoji movie?


My answer to that, hell no! This, in my view is Hollywood running out of ideas. Are there worse possible ideas for movies than this? Sure, but you have to admit this is pretty stupid. First off, this is literally based off something you use on your phone. And I’m not talking about a game like “Angry Birds”, which, by the way, was actually a movie made by the same company making this movie. Second, I have not seen anything creative or coherent to make me think I’m going to like this movie. Everything I have seen is either unoriginal or bland. The music in the teaser doesn’t even sound like this movie is trying. Sure, you can argue that they put in the song “Express Yourself” because that’s a purpose of Emojis, but the overall tune the song provides factors into the trailer’s overall laziness.

How can this movie be good? I wouldn’t be able to give a phenomenal answer to that, but I can scratch the surface a bit. This movie can take place in someone’s smartphone, and maybe the smartphone can affect the story of these Emoji characters. If it is just going to be a movie about Emojis, dealing with drama among one another, then I say this movie could be good, but it’s much more likely that it’ll be crap.


This movie just goes to show you that Hollywood is more than likely running out of ideas, that they are just taking anything no matter how classy or unoriginal it may seem. I hope this movie’s good, but to me, it’s gonna have to take a miracle to hit a home run with this idea. Maybe the actual trailer will be better, maybe I’m rambling over nothing, maybe I am judging this movie too soon. We’ll see what the future brings us. Also, coming soon I have more reviews planned for this week, I am going to see “Passengers” tomorrow at 1:30 so I should have a review up pretty soon on that movie, and I’m also going to be seeing “Patriots Day”. After that I might do one more review which will probably be for “Office Christmas Party” but I’m not sure yet. However, I mentioned before I have two lists coming soon, which are my top best and worst movies of the year. Look forward to those and stay tuned for more reviews. Scene Before is your click to the flicks!


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