My First Thinkgeek Experience

Before we begin, if you keep up with this blog and enjoy reading it, you might just be asking yourself right now, where have I been? Well school just started a month ago so I couldn’t see too many movies recently. Luckily I’m back now for another post so let’s talk about Thinkgeek.

Just recently I was at the Northshore Mall, which if you’re not in the Massachusetts area, it is a mall located in the town of Peabody (P-bedy), and I went there last Sunday to look at the new ThinkGeek store that opened the Friday beforehand. What is Thinkgeek? Here’s some background.


Thinkgeek started out as a website selling nerdy goodies, collectibles, etc. It has become rather popular within the community and while I don’t usually buy anything on their site, I do enjoy window shopping there from time to time. Since then they have expanded to the physical store realm and I was excited when I heard three of them were going to be near me, and as soon as I heard about the first, not to mention closest store that was going to open, I was pumped. I longed to go throughout most of Saturday and when I got to go Sunday, it was a blast.

Based on research and reviews I came across online, when I walked into the store I was expecting a medium sized store with a bunch of collectibles all over the place almost as if I were in the comic book store (the old one) from Big Bang Theory. Did I get that? Yes I did. However, this was just the start.

When I walked in, it was black all over, The floor tiles are very dark, the walls were black, and considering the storefront was covered in black as well, the atmosphere worked.


I’m not usually one for Pop figures, but I think the more I come to this store, the more I’ll want to start collecting them. The front of the store is flooded with Pop figures, and the more I think about it, it’s like walking down a supermarket aisle as several Pop dolls are on one side and more are on the other.

I don’t browse the Thinkgeek site often, however when I walked around the store feeling like I entered Heaven, I noticed something that kind of ticked me off. They’ve got some pricey items on their hands. I saw a Captain America shield for $399.99 for example. Granted it’s a nice product from my perspective and it looks sleek, but $399.99 was also the launch price for the PS4. Do a lot of the expensive items deserve this high of a price tag? Sure, but since they are so high, I’m in no rush to get them. Also now that I think about it, considering I live in Massachusetts, if I were to get one of these items, I would go to New Hampshire in order to avoid taxes. Also I want to state for the record, the TV that’s currently in my room was something I ended up paying $349.99 for. That’s $50 less than the Captain America shield. On that note, the TV had a built in Roku Smart platform, 43″, and 4K compatibility. So maybe the shield is overpriced, who knows?


There was also a decent t-shirt selection as well. The prices were fairly reasonable for t-shirts (around $15), and I might come back to get some t-shirts here in the future.

My absolute favorite part about this store is the music they play inside. I was expecting something that I could call great, but this pushes the meter from great, to amazing. For the first time ever, I found a store that plays music from soundtracks of movies or games! There was one point where I heard part of the soundtrack from The Dark Knight and I stomped around the store to it, along with making movements to it.


This place has some cool stuff, what did I get? Nothing. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? I love the store, but due to how I couldn’t decide what to get, also because I wanted to save some money for another store I went to, I decided to lack purchases from this store.


I mentioned already that this store has some pretty cool goods, and if you know any nerds, geeks, or hardcore fans of something, you might want to check this place out if you want to give a gift to someone. The place has something for just about every age such as action figures, Hot Wheels toys, pillows, clothing, backpacks, posters, blankets, and more!


One more thing about Thinkgeek, in case you weren’t aware, they are linked with GameStop, so if you have a GameStop PowerUp Rewards card, you can use it here and save some moolah! I don’t buy anything from GameStop as much as I used to, I’m more of a movie guy, but I definitely will take any chance I get to use the company card in this store.


Overall, Thinkgeek is an awesome experience, and if you are a hardcore nerd like me, going here is something you have to do before you die. Doesn’t matter if you purchase anything, or just skidaddle around the store for a period of time. Heck, I might even go as far to say you can just go somewhere that has the store and just walk by it while you look at it from the outside. If you hate going outside, or if you have none of these stores in your area, or you just do everything on your computer, visit I personally prefer visiting the store as you get to touch everything and walk around to music of movies and video games, but you do you. To me, it’s an awesome experience in a nutshell and I probably will be back soon making purchases.

On another note, I am trying to get more reviews of movies up. Yes I haven’t done one in over a month but I would like you all to be patient. Why? It takes some time to actually watch new movies. Also in case you are unaware, I am going to be doing something Star Wars related before the upcoming movie “Rogue One: a Star Wars Story” comes out. Just thought I’d let you know in case you didn’t, and speaking of upcoming events I’m probably going to watch a new movie over this Columbus Day weekend. I’m not sure what it’ll be, I’m willing to bet either Sully or The Girl on the Train, maybe even two movies, we’ll have to see what the future holds. Whatever reviews I post soon, make sure you stay tuned for those. Scene Before is your click, to the flicks!


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