Bad Moms: Here’s What Yo Mama Does


Bad Moms is a comedy written by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, the same people who wrote The Hangover (2009), which is one of my favorite comedies of all time. The movie has leading roles played by Mila Kunis (Family Guy, That 70’s Show), Kristen Bell (Frozen, Veronica Mars), Kathryn Hahn (The Visit, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty), Annie Mumolo (About a Boy, This is 40), Jada Pinkett Smith (Madagascar, Gotham), and Christina Applegate (Anchorman, Married with Children).

The essential plot here is that three moms have had enough with everything surrounding them in their daily lives, such as their kids, their jobs, their husbands, and PTA meetings. In order to relieve their stress they decide that they are trying to get away from certain daily situations, go drink, be lazy, etc. Let’s dive into the mama mode, shall we?


Mila Kunis is the first mother you see during the movie and she actually had her kids at a rather young age. In terms of her performance I thought it was presented well and the focus on her character seemed to cover what a mother’s daily life could contain. However, there is a relationship drama in the movie that I won’t go into detail about in the movie involving her, and there seemed to be what could have been an interesting plot device having to do with her and her mate, but it’s not really touched upon.


Kristen Bell plays a stereotypical stay at home mom, there were a few scenes during the film where I was like, “Yeah, that’s the reality,” because it seemed to be true to what you’d think of when you look at a stay at home mom. When there was one scene where the mom was on the phone with her husband I was like, “Wow, good job guys.” They’ve gotten the atmosphere correct with her house, and the amount of stress that comes out of this girl seems to be close enough to what one might think about when it comes to a stay at home mom.


Kathryn Hahn plays a single mom and while I don’t really remember much of her character as much as the other two in this movie, she did a good job in the movie and I have to say something about her voice. I know single moms, in fact MY mom is single at the moment, she doesn’t act like this, but I can picture a certain stereotype of mothers that are like this and within this group of mothers, this character here almost sounds like she can go on a pedestal for how well written of a character she was. Based on what you can tell I liked some of the characters.

One thing I sort of like about this movie is how the children are represented. Mila Kunis’s kids seem to be a proper example of dependent children, granted there are some moments where I think they focus a little too much on it and it’s like you’re putting too many eggs into one basket, but it seems to be presented in a fine manner.

Also, if you’ve read my review for the Ghostbusters remake I mentioned that every man in the movie is moronic. That is not what I have to say with this movie, only certain men are, and unlike Ghostbusters, you can understand the women for making jabs about them. There was one where I figured the bashing was a little questionable, but this is a quest for stress relief so it’s kind of clear.


Last but not least before I rate the movie, this movie is a comedy and it did its most important job, making me laugh. Granted I didn’t laugh hard, but I did laugh. So far this has the be one of the better comedies I’ve seen at the movies this year, but if you compare it to The Hangover, it can’t win in terms of humorousness. Maybe that’s just me talking because I’m a guy, and The Hangover probably caters more towards guys, but in the end this is how I feel. The movie had humor that was jabs at other people, a lot of swearing (many others found it funny, I just thought it was there), multiple montages, and a hint of slapstick humor as well. I found decent amount of it funny, and I liked what I saw.


Bad Moms is probably a good movie if you’re a mother and you feel like you need a break, because these characters are probably just like you. I’m not a girl so I can’t be a mother, and I’m rather young so I can’t really be a father, but even as a teenage boy I can find some joy and likability out of this film that doesn’t exactly cater to my demographic. After all, when I look for movies, I’m not looking for films that aim towards my demographic, I’m looking for something I can enjoy and talk to you viewers about. I’m going to give Bad Moms a 6/10. Guys, just so you know, I said before that I’m TRYING to see Suicide Squad, I just can’t find a good time to do it. Also, for potential future reviews I’m going to see Equity, it came out last month but it just came to a little independent theater in my area so I figured I could see it there. If there’s any other films that are coming out that I WANT to see, but not sure if I can at a perfect time, those include Sausage Party, the FIRST EVER R rated animation, War Dogs, a comedy starring Miles Teller and Jonah Hill coming out next week, and if there’s any other movies I haven’t mentioned that I may come across in the meantime, we’ll have to see what happens. Stay tuned for more reviews! Scene Before is your click to the flicks!


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