Finding Dory: I Won’t Forget You


Finding Dory is an animation created by Pixar, it’s the sequel to Finding Nemo (2003), and it focuses on one of the previous film’s supporting characters, Dory. She suffers from short term memory loss, which she has had since youth, and she starts randomly getting certain past memories and all of a sudden, she realizes she lost her family. When this came to mind, she decides she has to go off and find them.


Let’s talk about the very beginning of the film. It shows Dory in her early years, and she is with her parents, she seems to be learning how to introduce herself to others, and we learn about her short term memory loss (although if you’ve seen Finding Nemo, you’d probably know already). The opening itself was powerful and it is still in my memory. It stuck with me throughout the entire movie. The animation done in this sequence as well was superb, I’m not really a sucker for cuteness, but I did adore Dory in this circumstance. Haha, get it? Adore Dory? She’s aDORYble.


Ellen DeGeneres does the voice of Dory as an adult, it worked out perfectly in this movie! I remember when I watched Finding Nemo, the voice suited with her character when I watched that, but in terms of the speed and pitch she delivered when she talked, whether the moment was fast-paced, emotional, or anything at all, I was engaged. When I say this, I’m referring to both Finding Nemo and Finding Dory.

The supporting characters in this movie are awesome to say the least. My favorite of them all has to be Hank the octopus. Ed O’Neill does his voice and I think it suits him well. He was one of the funniest characters in the movie, and he moved the plot along well therefore creating a sense of anticipation of what was to come.


One thing I’ve noticed that Pixar has been able to do lately is to not only create a great film, but provide a good lesson in there as well. There have been a good number of animations I’ve watched over my life that have failed to do such a thing. This film has to be one of the best they’ve done it with so far. I may be biased because I have a disability, but watching this movie, I couldn’t help but think to myself, “Wow, this really affects Dory.” Not to mention I could connect with Dory throughout the movie. We don’t have the same disability but still, we have them in general. My mother has no interest in seeing animations, but if she went to see this movie I really think she’d enjoy it. In fact I think it’s one of those movies that kids will like just as much as adults.


Finding Dory had great storytelling, relatable characters, a few nitpicks that I won’t take too far as it is a movie meant to entertain children, and still shows that Pixar can make great movies. I’m going to give Finding Dory a 9/10. Funny thing about the movie, this came out the same weekend as Central Intelligence. What’s so funny about it? Both films had roles played by Dwayne Johnson. I will be honest, I never even knew he was in the movie until the end credits. This weekend I will be seeing “The BFG,” the new movie from Steven Spielberg, with a score by John Williams, and based on of my most nostalgic books. It’s a great book and I think they are going to get it right with the movie. I don’t want them to copy everything from the novel or my imagination, I just want to see a coherent film. Stick around, because Scene Before is your click to the flicks!


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