Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising: The Women Next Door

“Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising” is the sequel to the 2014 movie “Neighbors.” If you’ve seen the last movie you probably remember that a couple played by Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne are living in a house and there’s a fraternity that moves in next door, and the couple has some complaints about the new neighbors. Although this time instead of a fraternity, it’s a sorority living next door.

Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne also have a kid in this movie (well, technically it’s the one from the first movie) and it is kind of hilarious to look at throughout at the beginning. I know this is a comedy so some of it is supposed to be far fetched, but despite that you’re able to buy the fact that these two are a realistic couple and their chemistry works well for the movie.


Let’s just get something out of the way here, I never been in college. I never attended due to age, I never had any attempts to visit anyone in a college so I basically know almost nothing about what happens in college in person other than what I see through the media and research. This made me kind of shocked during the movie to find out sororities don’t party. It made me kind of feel bad for the sorority in this movie despite their viciousness towards the main characters. Sure, I always picture fraternities partying more than sororities because of the typical maturity level between males and females, but it kind of got me interested to see what was going to unfold throughout the film.

Remember Zac Efron from the last movie? In case you don’t remember he was part of the fraternity from the movie, it turns out in this movie, he joins forces with the couple and helps them try to stop the sorority from causing possible havoc. It shows some character development for him between movies and some maturity as well. This kind of adds something to the movie a bit in terms of characterization because Zac’s character is kind of dependent and it’s not really coy to watch in my personal opinion. It made me feel bad for both the couple and Zac’s character.


In terms of humor for this movie, this movie pretty much followed the same formula as the first movie. A lot of the jokes were sexual, and some happened to develop the plot. There’s even some comparisons between boys and girls when they are young, yes some sexual jokes were there too. I personally had no problem with these jokes because it made sense for the type of movie I was seeing, not that I ever had a problem with these type of jokes but I think you may get my point. Some jokes in fact happened to be a homage to the first movie, I won’t say which because I don’t want to ruin the effect if you go see the movie yourself.


This movie overall is very similar to the first in terms of character motivations, although how they get there and what revolves around them happen to be a little different. The lines in this movie although compared to the first movie are rather unmemorable. Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising gets a 7/10. Personally, I would give the same rating to the first movie basically because it is almost the same movie and while it is a hilarious comedy at times, it’s definitely no Hangover or Anchorman. In terms of comedy sequels, my favorite is probably Night at the Museum 2, this was good and would be one of the better sequels I’ve seen for the genre, but it doesn’t match with the previous movies I mentioned. Stay tuned for more reviews, because Scene Before is your click to the flicks!


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