Glenn's Death Confirmed on Morgan's Episode?

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Oh . . . Walking Dead fans. It has been a thought, even by us, that Glenn may have survived his fate near the dumpster.

However, if you paid close attention the opening sequence of the last episode, “Here Not Here”, you will notice that Steven Yuen was removed from the shows opening sequence.

That’s right, according to the opening sequence of The Walking Dead, Steven is no longer a cast member on the show.

Now, could this be AMC trying to screw with us? Could they be doing this on purpose to make us think that Glenn is dead, just so they can pull the old switcheroo and reveal that he survived by crawling under the dumpster?

Knowing AMC, it’s kind of unlikely. However being that this is the shows 6th season, they are constantly looking for new ways to keep the show new and fresh, so resorting to these tactics may be on the table.

However, it has also been noted that even when a character dies, their name still remains on the opening sequence until the following season. So could that be a dead giveaway that they did this on purpose?

What do you think? Is AMC messing with us?

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