Morgan’s Flashback Episode Just Told Us How Morgan Will Die

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If you thought nothing important happened in tonight’s Walking Dead Episode “Here Not Here”, you are sadly mistaken.

Many of you probably thought it was boring, but there was one key detail that only happened for a second, that I am sure you missed.

That detail is actually quite simple. Eastman gave his life to save Morgan, not only because he felt he needed to rehabilitate him, but that he himself never was able to pay for his crime of starving that prisoner to death that killed his family.

Morgan had lost his way. He killed many people, and he wanted Eastman to kill him on several occasions to bring him justice. However that never happened, so Morgan has yet to pay for his crimes, just as Eastman had yet to pay for his crimes before he took the bite to the back while saving Morgan.

Here's How Morgan will die

In the way Eastman sacrificed himself to save a lost Morgan . . . Morgan will do the same, for Rick.

This whole time, Morgan has been trying to rehabilitate Rick, just as Eastman tried to rehabilitate him. Eastman died bring Morgan back, and Morgan will die bringing Rick back.

Also keep in mind that normally when a character get’s their own standalone episode, they usually die shortly after.

So what do you think? Will Morgan die saving Rick?

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