Watch Harrison Ford Call Han Solo What?!?! That’s Pretty Harsh

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Back in 2010, Harrison Ford sat down for an interview with ABC news.

Now, by this point, everybody knows that Ford had pleaded with Lucas to kill his character off during Return of the Jedi.

That obviously didn’t happen, and we see Han Solo return in The Force Awakens. Though if you haven’t seen that movie yet, I suggest you stop reading because this post contains spoilers.

With that said, I’m sure that Harrison only agreed to do the new Star Wars movie if JJ agreed to kill him off as he had originally wanted. He always said that it would add a lot of weight to the character and story if he had a noble death.

However, many speculated that Ford hated the role for some reason, and in this 2010 interview he revealed why.

Ford says, "As a Character he was not so interesting to me."

Ouch! I think it goes without saying that on Han Solo is one of the most beloved Star Wars characters, some may say the most loved!

He then brings up once again how he asked Lucas to kill the character off, and the ABC interviewer asked if it didn’t go over very well with George.

Ford replied, “George didn’t think there is any future in dead Han toys”.

Why do you think Harrison Ford doesn’t like Han Solo so much? Let us know in the comments!

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