5 Reasons Why Glenn Is Actually Dead. #5 Makes Total Sense.

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As much as we want to believe Glenn is still alive, AMC sure is trying to make it look less and less likely.

In fact, they may be trying too hard. Dropping hints that Glenn is dead is starting to become a bit too obvious.

Could this be to throw us off? Or are they throwing a double whammy and trying to make it SO obvious the we think they are doing it purposely to throw us off of that fact that he is alive, but in reality he is actually dead?

Let’s look at 7 reasons why in fact, Glenn may actually be dead.

#1 Name Drawn On Alexandria Memorial

During the recent Season 6 Episode 5 entitled “Now”, we see Glenn’s name written on the Alexandria memorial underneath Nicholas

#2 Revisiting Sophia’s Death

The Walking Dead does have a tendency to revisit themes and story arcs. When Sophia disappeared for several episodes, we finally and unexpectedly found her in zombified form.

Could we see this same arc with Glenn?

#3 Glenn’s Story Will Be Resolved In Mid Season Finale

Based on how things have been going, and with a Daryll featured episode coming next, it sure seems that Glenn’s story will be resolved in the Mid Season Finale.

Unfortunately, the Mid Season Finale traditionally ends with a major character death.

#4 Pregnant Maggie Story Arc

If the Walking Dead TV show follows the comic, Glenn dies right around the time that Maggie Gets pregnant.

This is important as much of Maggie’s story revolves around her as a single mother in the zombie apocalypse.

#5 Even If Glenn Is Still Alive, He Won’t Be For Long.

Have you ever consider the fact that Glenn IS in fact alive, but he will be killed within seconds of this revelation in the mid season finale.

The Walking Dead has a tendency to rip our hearts out, and imagine how devastating it would be to find the Glenn is still alive, then seconds later he is bitten by a Walker!

Now THAT would be a hell of a twist!

Regarding the photo with Jesus

TWD crew has been increasingly careful lately about leaks. This seems to be just a little too easy. This picture could have been taken and leaked purposely to throw us off.

It would not take much to have Glenn show up in costume and snap some photos.

So What Do You Think?

Do you think AMC is being overly obvious on purpose, and Glenn is really dead?

Let us know!

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