6 Reasons Why Glenn Isn't Dead. #6 is Rock Solid Proof

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So I’m a bit of a Walking Dead nerd, and I thought I would present some hardcore evidence on why Glenn isn’t dead.

If you think Glenn is dead, think again. Here’s 6 reasons why he isn’t.

#1. He's Filmed More Episodes

Glenn has been spotted filming episodes with characters that have not yet been introduced this season.

#2: IMDB Credits

He is also listed as appearing in all 83 episodes on IMDB.

#3: He's Part of a Major Plot Twist

Glenn is part of a major plot twist that happens in The Walking Dead comics. Though the TV show does veer off from the comics to a certain extent, it is highly unlikely that they would omit Glenn from this major plot point.

#4: Trailer Scenes

Glenn was shown in TWD Season 6 trailer where he shouted “Rick is Dangerous”. We haven’t seen this scene yet.

#5: Talking Dead

Glenn was not shown as deceased at the end of the Talking Dead during the “those we lost segment”, and also did not appear on the Talking Dead afterwards. Usually when characters die they appear on the show to talk about it.

#6: Nicholas is on Top of Glenn

As we can see from the fall, Nicholas is on top of Glenn in mid fall. Glenn lands first, so only sense would tell us that Glenn is on the bottom. Click below to see.

Another shot, we can see a large hump here that is most likely Nicholas’s shoulder. Glenn is horrified to see Nicholas’s guts being ripped out in front of him, but he still has a chance to squirm out of this one!

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