Butthurt Fans React to Glenn Being Alive

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NOTE: This is an opinion piece and does not necessarily represent the views of all Flick Nerd Staff. At least that’s our official story ;)

Well I called it! I said from the very beginning, Glenn is alive. As suspected, he crawled under the dumpster and it was Nicholas that was getting munched on.

Fans that saw this coming are rejoicing, however the scores of fans that said things like, “Glenn is dead, just deal with it” are now showing the inevitable butthurt that we knew would follow.

First, let’s clarify what “butthurt” is. According to Urban Dictionary, butthurt is defines as follows:

Someone who doesn’t know how to take a joke, and they take the joke like they just took it to the ass

Let's take a look at some of the first waves of sweet sweet butthurt.

FB User: "Beverly"

The first one comes from Beverly. Mmmmm I can smell the butthurt in the air. It is strong with this one!

FB User: "Jason"

Ok Jason, I’ll give you that, you are probably right. But can’t we rejoice for the time being?

Huffington Post

Next is just a shoutout to the Huffington Post. Guess you we’re wrong. I’m sure they will come out with some story tomorrow that blames it on Donald Trump.


No surprise here, these guys are always butthurt! How does it feel to have to constantly sit on a cushion?

FB User: "Chauntel"

Actually I think I won’t shut up. Hell, I’m even writing an article about it right now!

FB User/Mr Magical: "Bram"

So crawling under a dumspter requies super powers? Okay. Nope! Not super powers, apparently he needed magical teleport powers too! -_- I’m pretty sure it was about 100 walkers, not 1,000. Also yes, as you saw, he did. Congrats for being observant.

FB User: "Levi"

This guy is a class act. So much, that he actually got his life threatened haha!

FB User: "Rich"

Hey Rich, do you have your bags packed? Do you need a ride to the airport? Have a nice trip, buh bye!

FB User: "Metthew"

You lost all credbility with that hat sir. Yeehah!

FB User: "John"

Oh here we go with the “magical powers” logic again. Do they crawl under dumspters alot in Narnia?

FB User: "Kevin"

Yeah, let’s look at next week’s ratings and we’ll see how accurate this is.

Winner of the Logic Award

FB User: "Danish"

You sir, win the logic award! Thank you for shining bright in a sea of idiots! Kudos!

Are you butthurt?

So which fan are you? The logical one, or the butthurt one? Tell me to f(@#*) off in the comments!

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